Tom Hafer

Faith & Fitness Ministries

Pastor's Weekly Ramble

You Are Well

Anxiety, shame, and obesity are outward manifestations of a restless spirit. When we seek first the peace the soul desires, all those outward imbalances will right themselves. In quiet solitude, we can hear again the still small voice of God whispering "you are well."Read more

Honest Imperfection

In our hopes to appear that we have it all together, we hide away our weaknesses and struggles, denying humanity of who we really are, only offering an avatar of our true self. This charade is exhausting. But when we confess our imperfections, we wake up the ‘saner’ parts of ourselves and inspire...Read more

Father's Day

If a child is lucky enough to have an earthly father who does not easily anger, that child grows up perceiving a peaceful existence. The child sees violence outside - but stillness, prayer, and peace inside the home. He finds his father generates a serene aura with his very presence and it...Read more

Old Love

It is always at weddings someone asks “isn’t young love just wonderful, is there anything better?” I answer “there is something better than young love, old love. ” Love that has tested time in sickness and health, richer or poorer, better or worse. Love that was challenged and stayed the course...Read more

Love Brings Balance

Love brings balance. Love balances us in sickness and health, through richer and poorer, through the valley and the mountaintops of life’s journey. Watching an older couple holding hands will teach us this in an instant. Early in their journey - independent and strong - they held tightly to each...Read more