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The heart-warming stories behind the hundred year old 'Centenarians' inspired the book, Aging Grace.
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The Wellplanet community would like to announce the second edition, revised and updated version of Faith & Fitness. You will find this new edition to be quite exciting and a bit different than the original if you have read it, yet it will still be true to the message that has spoken to the hearts of many, many congregations and individuals since 2007. This was the reason for the rewrite and new release. This new edition has been written with the latest of health research and includes a  “New Faith & Fitness Challenge” that will not only get us in shape physically, but our efforts towards personal health can also help us collectively heal our planet. The Social Ministry Organization Volunteers of America, would also like to invite you to tune in each week to watch Pastor Tom Hafer, author of Faith & Fitness, Wellplanet, and Aging Grace, lead a live worship service that focuses on our physical and spiritual health ( at 11:00 a.m. EST. Thanks for visiting us!

Stay well my friends and God's peace to you !

Tom Hafer

Pastor's Weekly Ramble

As a Physical Therapist, I urge the suffering patient to remove excess stress in order to reduce heart disease, hypertension, weight gain, irritability, sleep deprivation, and depression. As a minister, I ask the anxious faithful to do the same. This is difficult. It has become popular for churches to get caught up in religious conflicts and political debates of the day. Churches often define who they are by what they are against in the world. Conflict remains. Maybe it is time again to redefine ourselves, not by what we are against, but by what who are - peacemakers.

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