Tom Hafer

Faith & Fitness Ministries

Pastor's Weekly Ramble

The Heart of All of Us

When asked to point to ourselves, we don’t point to our brains or stomachs, or diplomas or paychecks, we point to our most vulnerable place, the center of the chest. We point to our hearts. We instinctively tell the world “this is the heart of who I am...I trust you will be careful and not break it...Read more

Potential Energy

Love creates through helping hands and clever minds. Love is responsible for giving us hospitals, Hospice, seat belts, and traffic lights. Love is creative energy. Hate is not. Hate is simply a void of nothingness that is left when love’s potential energy is absent. Hate has no potential nor energy...Read more

To Be

When we allow ourselves to simply “be” knowing that God created us to be; then we can stop trying to be something other than who we were created to be. So the answer is to be ! Not, not to be.Read more

Conduit of Love

"God is love" says the scriptures. Authentic love is not ours to manage or control. We have no proprietary rights. From God, love flows freely and abundantly like spring water. We are either hydrated by it, or we refuse to drink. We are not its source. We are simply love’s conduit to carry...Read more


If a church is safely distanced from the world, its members’ hands will stay clean while they worship in their ivory tower. But, ministry will be reduced to theories about ministry and compassion will have no place to practice its craft. The church is the church when it climbs down from the safety...Read more