Tom Hafer

Faith & Fitness Ministries


Meeting Planners, Tom Hafer is available to speak at your next gathering to help your organization promote health and wellness by "caring for yourself the better care for others." follow this link for more information


Pastor's Weekly Ramble

Passing Moment

Sitting by the bedside of the man ready to pass from this world to the next, his hand resting in the wife of 70 years. At this moment, there are no more plans for tomorrow. No more grappling over yersterday's regrets. All grudges are dropped; all dissapoitments, forgiven; life crescendos into this...Read more

Where She Works is Holy Ground

You can overhear a woman humming a spiritual hymn while she works third shift at the senior community. She finds it calms the anxious man with dementia. He somehow senses her reverence by the gentle sound of her voice coupled by the careful work of her hands. If you glance quickly, her task seems...Read more

The Wounded Beloved

God's "grace" repairs a broken heart damaged by a hostile world. Healing begins when the wounded starts to trust grace's simple claim. Grace simply claims "you are cherished as you are, even though you heard you were not." Think of the uneccessary scars we could prevent if we shared this claim...Read more

Matter to Others

Often a person says "when I retire I can finally do what I want." Upon retirement - once all professional and financial expectations had been met - the person might feel he doesn't matter anymore. No work, no purpose. This could turn him bitter or depressed. But, it could also move him towards...Read more


At Christmas we celebrate the birth of a trusting and vulnerable child who grew-up courageously teaching that a fulfilling life is ours if we have the courage to be vulnerable enough to trust others.Read more