Tom Hafer

Faith & Fitness Ministries

Pastor's Weekly Ramble

When the Shoe Fits

When the shoe fits, you forget you are wearing it. When the heart is at peace, you forget it was ever broken.Read more

Just Walk

Life becomes a spiritual journey when we lose the notion that we are on a frantic scavenger hunt competing to find God. He hides, we seek. When we walk away from the busy searching - once the dust settles – we become aware of God’s presence. We see clearly we are not just trying to race towards Him...Read more

Holy Guidance

We are "one" in the Spirit when we no longer defend our ego, or empire, or image; we simply allow our life to be guided by the higher law of love. In love, life is no longer about hoarding away but giving away; no more grabbing, only sharing.Read more

Spiritually Physical

It is easy to pray from the couch. It doesn’t require much effort, we can do it during commercials, and we can still carry the title of spiritual . But sincere prayer stimulates our deeper yearning that is capable of turning off the television and bringing us to our feet. Prayer empowers us to be...Read more

You Are Well

Anxiety, shame, and obesity are outward manifestations of a restless spirit. When we seek first the peace the soul desires, all those outward imbalances will right themselves. In quiet solitude, we can hear again the still small voice of God whispering "you are well."Read more