Tom Hafer

Faith & Fitness Ministries

Pastor's Weekly Ramble

Why Can't I See God?

An anxious attendee of the spiritual retreat in the mountains asked "why can't I see God?" The minister replied "because you are trying too hard." To this the attendee retorted "I might as well quit trying and just go for a walk in these woods." The minister replied "Ah. I believe you will finally...Read more

Million to One

For every one trying desperately to fan the flame of terror, there are a million telling God's wider love story in the world everyday. They are teachers, nurses, mothers, doctors, bus drivers, soldiers, and caregivers, just to name a few. Twenty-four seven media focuses on the one fanning the flame...Read more

The Present Moment

Anxiety robs us of the guiding power of the present moment. If we are anxious, it is easy to forget the fact that all our past moments brought us to this present moment; and future moments will be influenced by the decisions we make in this present moment. If we quiet ourselves in this present...Read more

Walls and Bridges

A man name "Judgment" constructed a wall because he was in fear of his neighbors. "Revenge" - who lived next door - built an even higher fence adjoining it. The two continued building for years until the wall was impenetrable. In time, both "Judgment" and "Revenge" grew tired and died. The new home...Read more


We become flexible physically, professionally, and spiritually - not by doing things that are easy - but by attempting things that are hard. Hard things force us to let go of our rigid, outdated, and unchallenged routines and beliefs. In time, we notice that hard things are no longer. we have...Read more